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I have added captures of Tom from three of his movie productions: Mysterious Island, One Day and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, to our gallery.

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Hello there! Our public appearance section of our gallery is not live and up to date. A special thank you to Claudia and Renee for some of the Paleyfest images!

Gallery Link:

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Check now the live streaming of Sleepy Hollow cast at Paley Fest, clicking on the link below:


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I have some magazine scans uploaded to our gallery. Our friend Claudia sent scans from May issue of SFX, and Mariana sent scans from issue #90 of SciFi Now. Enjoy:

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Finally, I had access to this gorgeous new photoshoot Tom did last month while rounding to promote Sleepy Hollow. Follow the link for full set:

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Watch with Kristin has an exclusive sneak peek at season two, which finds executive producer and writer Mark Goffman teasing the fallout we’ll see when the series returns in the fall.

The video can’t be embed – hurry up to their site – but check what they have about Ichabod:

Finale Status: After the Sin Eater Henry Parish (John Noble) revealed himself to be Ichabod and Katrina’s (Katia Winter) son Jeremy (and also War, the second horseman of the apocalypse), he subjected his father to the same fate he endured at the magic of his mother’s coven: buried alive in a coffin.
Season 2: Ichabod is fighting the clock when the series picks up, as Goffman previews, “He’s not immortal like his son. He’s not a warlock, so Ichabod Crane only has a very brief amount of time that he’s going to be able to survive in that coffin without air.”

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I have added scans of TV Guide February 3rd issue:

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Last week TV Line published an interview with Tom, to chat about Ichabod jeans. Check it:

TVLINE | Let’s just talk about the skinny jeans.
[Bursts out laughing]

TVLINE | They looked painful.
They are painful. Boys shouldn’t wear skinny jeans.

TVLINE | You don’t have to tell a girl about how painful skinny jeans can be.
Do girls not like skinny jeans? I thought girls liked them.

TVLINE | No one likes them.
Well, why wear them?!

TVLINE | Because sometimes they look really good! But in “The Vessel,” they just looked painful.
They were painful.

TVLINE | Were they as tight as they looked?
Well, I don’t own a single pair of jeans, let alone skinny jeans. So yes, there was no acting required when I sit down and grimace.

TVLINE | I noticed that in some photos from the finale, Ichabod has a new “old” shirt and a new “old” pair of pants.
Yup. I can confirm that he has some new clothes. And it’ll make you laugh out loud again, I think.

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